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“If you’re going to look at a historic multiple of 16 times that’s predicated upon an industrial society, you’re going to be out of the stock market when the market’s going up.” -Robert Zuccaro

How does one find a manager who can beat the S&P 500? article discussing practices that have undermined investor success.

Shh... P/E isn't the the best metric for predicting stock prices

Most fund managers look at price-to-earnings multiples when deciding whether a stock is cheap or expensive. However, one fund manager argues that that philosophy just doesn’t work.

As the pension crisis continues, data points are showing that the COVID-19 pandemic is worsening their already weak position.

After 40 years, Robert Zuccaro has seen a lot of quantitative strategies come and go, but his latest creation holds some of the strongest quant research that he has ever created.

Target QR Strategies announced today that the Golden Eagle Growth strategy began trading in May 2020.

After a long layoff from managing client capital, quantitative-investment pioneer Robert Zuccaro is staging a comeback.

The rapid stock market sell-off – which saw the S&P 500 slide 3 per cent again on Thursday, with the FTSE 100 down 3.5 per cent on Friday morning – is unlikely to end the long equity bull market run, according to Target QR Strategies, the US hedge fund investment adviser.

Small-stock theory holds that superior rates of return are possible in the stock market by investing in small capitalization stocks.